Free up some iPhone space…for free

If you have an iPhone and deal with low storage, here is a trick to reclaim some unused storage.

  1. First, you must know how much free space you have: Settings -> General -> Usage -> Storage Available
  2. Go to iTunes and search for a movie with a bigger file size than what you have left on storage (Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers HD version is over 6.8 GB)
  3. Click the rent button.
  4. You’ll get a message saying ‘Cannot Download’ because you don’t have enough storage. There are OK and Settings buttons.
  5. Click settings and magically you will get some storage back (it probably erases some orphaned data from different apps to try to download the movie). If you click ‘Manage Storage’, you’ll see your new available storage.
  6. Repeat the process a few times.
  7. When I tried this, my available storage went from 800MB to 1.9GB. I had to do it about 5 times.

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